Winter Wear Fashion: How to Style Your Retro T-Shirts this Season

Winter is the time to pull out the fashion big guns like elegant faux fur coats, comfy fleeces, cute scarves and cosy mittens. But it’s not necessary that your favourite retro and vintage t-shirts have to take a backseat in your closet simply because it’s winter. There are many creative ways in which you can style your t-shirts which will make you look on fleek! In addition to that, you can keep your fashion sustainable throughout this winter by opting for second-hand retro t-shirts and layering them with other pre-loved or upcycled clothing items. Let’s find out how to look stylish this winter in your most loved retro t-shirts.

Pair them with unique jackets
There is no way you can avoid layering in winter. While bundling up, to put your favourite retro t-shirt in the spotlight, pair it with a jacket of your choice which compliments the style of your t-shirt. It can be a classic North Face puffer jacket, a vintage denim jacket or even a vintage Carhartt jacket which will instantly elevate the look of your t-shirt and keeps you warm at the same time.

Rock your oversized t-shirts
Oversized t-shirts will not only make you look cute but it is also the perfect choice for winter as there is more fabric to keep you cosy. You can wear pair them with fur coats and stockings for a bold look while wearing them with leggings and puffer coats will give you a more casual look.

Time to pull out the leather
Leather pants and leather jackets will amp up your style quotient like never before if you pair them with your retro t-shirts. You can refine your look even more with the help of combat boots and matching beanies. It will help you achieve streetwear aesthetics even in winter.

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