Winter Beauty Radar: Hottest Makeup Trends to Flaunt this Season

The beauty radar for the chilly season ahead is brimming with a variety of bold and electrifying statements, alongside reviving some timeless looks with an understated elegance.
We have created a roundup of exciting beauty statements and trends that you can rock this winter, alongside affordable offerings from our collections of Ukay Ukay clothing for women.

Here, feast your eyes:

Velvety Red Pouts

The winter fashion runways were abuzz with the glamour of matted, velvety red pouts. This bold beauty statement has a timeless charm, and it is the hottest look that a woman can flaunt with her winter fur coats and thigh high boots.
You can flaunt this look with a variety of makeup statements, and if you’d like to buy gently used branded clothes and sassy statements to pair up with your fiery pout, feel free to browse through our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women.

Minimal Makeup

Celebrity makeup artists and makeup curators have all spoken in the favor of polished and well-moisturized skin with minimal makeup. Even though the trends of contouring and baking are still going strong, MUAs are more focused on creating a clear palette with a radiant complexion. Besides, winter is all about escaping those awful dryness spells and pampering your skin with moisture and hydration.

Turn on the Blush

Give your skin an outdoorsy burst of blush with rosy pink tints and crimson effects. Instead of contouring and bronzing your skin to change its color entirely, this season, celebrity makeup artists have created the flush of blush trend.
You simply have to clear out your complexion with a moisturizer and foundation, and give it a rosy tint with a powerful blush. You can flaunt this look with a plethora of romantically feminine dresses from our delightful collection of affordable branded used clothes.

Vibrant Eyes

This winter, bold is the new black and makeup artists have flooded the runways and celebrity red carpets with the dazzling energy of graphic eyes. If you are an experimental makeup lover, you are in look for the retro, futuristic and vibrant eye shadow statements are all rage.
Feel free to experiment around with dark shades of metallic copper and gold, smoky blacks and grey, feisty reds and orange, and more. If you like to buy second hand clothes online, you can also scoop up some striking graphic dresses and clothing from our affordable collections.

Smoked Effect

Ladies, smokey eyes have always been a timeless fixture on the trend radar, but this winter, they have undergone an alluring transformation with neutral hues, such as browns, nudes, rose gold and others. The idea is to give your lids a neutral, and subtle monotone look that is elegantly graceful.