Why Fashionrerun is a Must-Check Place for Moms-to be

Pregnancy is a wonderful time! The joy and anticipation of expecting a cute mini “you” and all the preparations of a baby nursery makes up for the morning sickness and nausea sessions. However, as soon as you complete your first trimester, most moms-to-be face another dilemma altogether: the fashion SOS! Your favorite jeans no longer fits you! The cute little top you wanted to flaunt this fall is a little too snug. Your feet are too sore and swollen for heels! Basically your existing wardrobe pretty much gets useless for you. And, this is when you need to start hunting for a good online second hand fashion store.

Let’s be real for a moment here! While looking cute and feeling comfortable is your top most right during your pregnancy, churning tons of bucks on new clothing is not really a brilliant idea. Specially, when in times like these you would probably be spending more in preparations of your little pumpkin. While saving money is a great idea, compromising your comfort by investing on cheap clothing isn’t. Which is why we recommend you go for affordable branded used clothes for your sartorial glam during these times. Just another sisterly advice by the way, the money you save from your clothing can be spent on planning a luxurious baby-moon with your partner before the sleepless nights hit you two.

If you are looking for sustainable women clothing in UAE, Fashionrerun is must-check place for you. The women section is literally brimming with chic and trendy pieces, which can work together amazingly well to complete any outfit. We are particularly fond of these floral and solid colored skirts , which would sit loosely on your waist and can be paired with off-shoulder blouses and tees. Another must- check category for the expecting moms on Fashionrerun is the women’s activewear. Whether you’re looking for something comfy for your pre-natal yoga class or relaxing lounge wear for at home use, you will find tons of options there.

Pregnancy is the time to pamper, relax and treat yourself well. We assure you a good look on the Fashionrerun site and the variety of affordable branded used clothes available there would get you in good mood in no time.

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