Welcome Christmas in Style: Fashion Rerun’s Sweater Outfit Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is reaching towards those sweaters and cardigans to keep themselves warm and cosy. Though it is a tradition to wear “ugly Christmas sweaters” in many parts of the world, there are ways in which you can make those bold prints work in your favour. Be it a work party or spending time with your loved ones, a good Christmas sweater is the perfect outfit to add colour and panache to your look. Here are some tips to style your sweaters this winter!

Simple Yet Stylish.
Christmas sweaters can be a little bit too loud with their funky prints and textured knits. The best way to wear such an outfit is to keep it simple. You can wear a plain white shirt under your sweater and make it look sophisticated for our office parties. Loose trousers or denim can be your choice of bottom wear as it will keep the whole look fun and subtle. The best part is that this is a unisex look which will make both ladies and gents look stylish.

Wear It as a Dress.
Another fun way to style your sweater is to wear it as a dress. Buying second-hand Christmas sweaters can help you find unique oversized knits that will look pretty good as a dress. You can even pair a tennis skirt or a plaid skirt to make it look even more stylish. Thrifting is your best friend when it comes to finding outfits like these.

Don’t be Shy to Accessorize.
Adding a pair of boots or a knitted shawl can elevate your look if it is done the right way. You can also opt for sweater vests instead of full-fledged sweaters to keep your outfit minimal. Buying your Christmas outfits second-hand is the best way to spread holiday cheer and joy as it will reduce wastage and keep our planet alive. Fashion Rerun has a carefully curated collection of second-hand Christmas Sweaters that will instantly amp up your style. Come check out our collection.