Wear Clothes Out, Not the Planet: Buy Gently Used Branded Clothes

2019 is a fabulous year for sustainability and environmentally-friendly fashion trends, and the team behind Fashion Rerun presents you an abundance of variety to buy second hand designer clothes without having to comprise on either style or glamour!
The objective behind promoting sustainability through second hand clothes online is not only to reduce the usage of harmful dyes and fabric manufacturing practices that harm the environment, but also, to promote affordability and make fashion and Ukay Ukay clothing accessible to everyone.
The modern millennial has shocked the fashion industry with their demand for affordable clothing, and we are here to meet this demand with a striking variety of clothing and ensembles that will tempt you to buy gently used branded clothes instead of their expensive counterparts. In case you’re wondering about all the benefits of scooping up glamorous ramp-ready outfits for less than half their retail price, we’ve jotted them all down below for you to see.

Here, take a look:

Flaunt Ramp-Ready Looks

Instead of quelling your inner shopaholic from reaching out for fine fabrics and glamorous dresses, allow Fashion Rerun to help you get those high-end statements from celebrity red carpets and glossy magazines that you dream of flaunting. From our striking collection that caters to both men and women, along with children of all ages, you and your family can buy second hand clothes online without the fear of investing in rotten quality or outdated fashions. We help you build a modern and glamorous wardrobe without having to pay those exuberant retail rate!

Cherish the Affordability

The Millennials do not want to spend a ton of money on a pair of shoes or even the glossiest handbag, instead, they seek affordability in fashion so their money can help them achieve other objectives, such as home buying, travelling and more. Shopping with Fashion Rerun is much more than being able to buy second hand designer clothes, but in fact, it is about being able to refresh your wardrobe with no more than AED 50 a month. From Ukay Ukay clothing for men and adorable ensembles for your toddlers and pre-teens, we allow women to shop to their heart’s content without feeling guilty.

Save Up!

Indeed, the greatest advantage of buying used clothes online is that it helps you save up for more important life events and opportunities. You can travel the world, save up for your first house, or even for that PhD that you’ve been yearning to get. Fashion Rerun is a brand that seeks to add meaning to your life by making fashion much more affordable.