Wardrobe Organisation Ideas to Keep Your Clothes Sorted

The unending dilemma of choosing an outfit for the day keeps everyone stumped on busy mornings. One way to avoid confusion is to organise the wardrobe properly so that it’s easier to choose clothes. Not only does it save time but organising the wardrobe will also prevent you from unnecessarily spending money on clothes by making it easier to keep track of the outfits that you own. Here are some tips to keep your wardrobe tidy.

Monthly Decluttering

It is always a good idea to clean and declutter the closet every month. Especially if you are a person whose wardrobe consists of a lot of secondhand clothes and, the monthly decluttering will help to keep an eye on its wear and tear. Sometimes all you need is a good stitch on time or a good dry cleaning to save the outfit.

Keep, Toss, Sell

Try to hold onto those outfits that you absolutely love like vintage blouses, tops and dresses. Get rid of the things that no longer fit you or are beyond salvage. Buying second-hand clothes will make it easier for you to toss the clothes because you can be sure that you got the maximum value out of that outfit. Tossing does not always mean discarding the outfit. You can sell your gently used branded clothes to thrift shops and thereby keep the tradition of thrifting alive.

Invest in Organisation Tools

It is always a good idea to buy colour-coded hangers, closet organisers, hooks and racks to keep your closet looking neat. You can organise the outfits by categories like vintage, thrifted and retro clothes. If you are someone with a large collection of vintage t-shirts, you have the option of organising them by their brand, colour or usage. Pick an organisation system that best suits your needs.

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