The best vintage Carhartt, vintage Dickies & Realtree pants for men: They are back at the top of their game.

 Dive into how vintage Carhartt, vintage Dickies and Realtree pants for men are at the top of the vintage clothing game.

There’s a good reason why brands like Carhartt, Dickies and Realtree are regarded as the workwear titans of vintage clothing. They have a proven track record of producing clothes built to withstand a hard day's work. Vintage Carhartt, Vintage Dickies and RealTree which were initially made for manual labourers in the early-20th century have weathered the test of time, becoming immortalized into a whole new movement of vintage clothing. Vintage Carhartt, Vintage Dickies and Real tree is durable, as well as being readily available and relatively inexpensive due to their past roots. For a typical skater, young artist or vintage enthusiast it is a sure way of adding individuality to any outfit. Fashion pioneers such as Kanye, Virgil Abloh and Kurt Cobain took workwear from the factories and construction into the world of high fashion and celebrity limelight. As Vintage clothing has had a surge in popularity the demand for these brands has skyrocketed and the quality of vintage clothing means that many pieces although weathered still have the feeling of being contemporary and stylish. Denim and canvas, the main fabrics used in these original everyday workwear staples, are prime examples of materials that age timelessly when the quality is first-rate. The cotton in the pants and jackets softens and moulds to the body as it slowly breaks in and develops little imperfections that lend individuality that only comes with time and wear. Many Vintage Carhartt, Vintage Dickies and Realtree pants even have paint stains from artists who have worn and worked in their pants daily. It might not be fun to wear old-fashion raw denim or rigid canvas in its unwashed state as it is stiff and constricting however, Vintage Carhartt, Vintage Dickies and RealTree don’t have this problem as the pieces have technically been broken in for you. These brands of vintage clothing reward you with a shape and look that is unmatched by any pre-distressed or replica fast fashion garment.

Why Vintage Carhartt is still in demand.

 Vintage Carhartt pants and iconic Carhartt double knees are still at the top of their game when it comes to vintage clothing.

Like many of today’s biggest vintage clothing brands, the adoption of workwear by emerging hip-hop artists in the late 80s and early 90s brought Carhartt to the forefront of mainstream fashion. Although Carhartt was originally designed to have study knees due to the workman who used to wear them one group, in particular, took note of this as they looked at their own grazed knees. Skaters were quick to adopt the vintage Carhartt double knee considering their wardrobes were full of kneeless jeans and trousers after one too many failed skate tricks. Inspired by this, Salomee and Edwin Faeh approached Carhartt for a licensing deal to create Work In Progress, a streetwear-focused line of clothing with signature styles with a modern twist that would capitalize on the legacy of Carhartt similar to our @efaarbyfr line. You can pick up a pair of Vintage Carhartt or Vintage Carhartt double knees online at Fashion Rerun for between 30 and 70 depending on style, wash, distress and cut.


Vintage Dickies aren’t too far behind!

Vintage Dickies pants also have a whole lot going for them. First and foremost, they’re cheap. A pair of Vintage Dickies pants will only set you back around 30 on Fashion Rerun. Then, once you’ve bought your first pair, you can be sure that you’re probably going to want to buy another well before they’ve actually worn through due to the multiple styles, cuts and washes Dickies have created throughout the years. Dickies was founded back in 1918 and was well known for its horse equipment rather than clothing however in 1922 founders C.N. Williamson and E.E. “Colonel” Dickie switched to creating long-lasting workwear for ranchers and farmhands. By outfitting soldiers for WW2 Dickies established themselves as a household name in lasting quality and national pride. The Dickies name for quality clothing has travelled through the years and is now one of the most popular names in Vintage Clothing.

Vintage Dickies will also last a lifetime. These are, after all, trousers made with heavy work in mind, which means that even outfits created with vintage clothing benefit from their sturdy, hard-wearing features.

Realtree Pants are the new go-to vintage pants.

Realtree Pants are the newest go-to vintage pants in the game. To this day Realtree is still the main supplier of the best camouflage gear for hunting however, in recent months the brand has seen a rise in popularity within the vintage clothing market where celebrities like Tyler the Creator and Drake have been seen wearing them on the regular. The signature camouflage design with an embedded logo is easy to style with either a plain vintage tee, sweatshirt or sneakers making them the newest trend for vintage clothing shoppers. You can easily pick up a pair at Fashion Rerun for around 30.

Vintage Clothing Shopping might have become somewhat of a sport today but Fashion Rerun makes it easy to access the best Vintage Carhartt, Vintage Dickies and Realtree online. Click to shop the best Vintage Carhartt, Vintage Dickies and Realtree.