Upcycled Vs Second Hand: Know More about Sustainable Clothing Choices

Sustainable fashion is popular among young fashion enthusiasts nowadays. Their conscious choice to reuse old clothes and to upcycle unwanted clothing into something trendy and useful has helped develop the resale market into a billion-dollar industry. Switching to upcycled or second-hand clothing choices significantly reduces textile waste without having to compromise on our style. But the question remains which choice is better for our wallet and the environment at the same time?

Know the Difference

Upcycled clothes are old outfits that have undergone redesigning to make them more useful and up-to-date. Through upcycling, an old skirt can be made into a dress and a pair of jeans into a shirt or a top. Second-hand clothes on the other hand are pre-loved clothes that are passed on to a new owner for reuse. Both varieties of outfits are sustainable and good for the environment.

Staying Stylish in Second-hand Clothes

The advantage of shopping for second-hand clothes lies in the simplicity of the process. You can browse through pre-loved clothes online or go directly to a thrift store to find hidden gems. You will find vintage jackets, rare vintage dresses, funky retro t-shirts and classic denim jeans that suit your style. Second-hand fashion is all about extending the life of a well-loved outfit so that we don’t have to produce any new clothes by investing our precious resources.

Amp up Your Style with Upcycling

Finding good second-hand clothes with proper fitting can be time-consuming. In such a situation, upcycling can come to your rescue. Second-hand clothes that you find, which doesn’t fit you properly can be reworked into a bag or a cap or another outfit altogether through upcycling. Upcycling helps you to transform your secondhand finds into something more valuable and trendy.

In the end, the choice between second-hand outfits and upcycled ones depends on personal preference. Fashion Rerun has an amazing collection of both second-hand as well as upcycled clothes. Come check out our collection.