Thrifting for Clothes: Expectations Vs Reality

Thrifting for outfits and styling secondhand clothes are no longer a reflection of your low economic status but rather an indicator of your stance on sustainability and ethical fashion choices. But many people have unrealistic expectations regarding price, choices and variety when they go thrifting for the first time. When they find that the reality is far different from what they thought, the disappointment drives them away from thrift fashion and sustainable choices. Let’s see what to expect if you are a novice thrifter.

Know Your Wardrobe.
Assess your current wardrobe and find out what’s missing. That way you won’t be overwhelmed by the choices at the thrift store. Otherwise, you might be expecting to walk out within thirty minutes of going into a store while the reality is that you will end up getting distracted by the clothes for hours and end up buying nothing.

Be Patient.

Don’t expect to find great outfits on your first try. Building a sustainable yet fashionable wardrobe takes time and patience. You will have to be familiar with the time of the season when there is a good collection at the stores and be able to recognise good retro clothes and vintage t-shirts before you become a pro at thrifting. Trust the process and you can build a versatile wardrobe filled with classic Harley vintage t-shirts to retro hoodies, sweatshirts and even swimsuits.

Thrift Fashion ≠ Dirt Cheap Clothes

You have access to sustainable clothes at discounted prices through thrifting. But that doesn’t mean that the prices will always be extremely cheap. Prices are not always an indicator of quality or sustainability. So, inform yourself about the brand, and the seller and respect the labour that goes behind upcycling.

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