The Secondhand Clothing Challenge – Are you Ready?

Have you ever wondered how much money do you annually spend on stuff like clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories? Of course, you don’t go around tossing money like a crazy person in stores but we all tend to go a little overboard on spending on a dress just before a big meeting, a dinner or even a festival. That little splurge doesn’t appear a big deal at that time for sure. But once you do the math, it would sum up to quite a huge amount of money per anum. All that money – gone! Spent on dresses and shoes that you’d never want to repeat!

“Wear out clothes, not the planet”

It is one of the new green mantras and you need to get on board, NOW! With all the money that you have been spending on stuff that once used, get pushed at the back of your closet, you can do a lot of other things that matter. You can save up for a luxurious vacation to Thailand or Maldives. And, the less “things” you won’t be tossing would save a lot of “fashion trash” contributing towards the alarming eco-apocalypse.

Cost Effective and Fashion Recycling

There’s nothing wrong in spending on you and spoiling yourself but spend wisely. Buy Gently Used Branded Clothes instead of getting new ones every time you want to make an impression. If you Buy Second Hand Designer Clothes, it will not only be cost-effective for you but would also start this chain of “fashion recycling” that’s going to help our planet more than you can imagine.

Saving environment, however, does not equal to making bad fashion choices, let’s get this thing out of the way first. When we say Buy Used Clothes Online, we in no shape or form imply that you dress as a grandma or the aunt who knows nothing about fashion and is always dressing as if this is a bad 70s sitcom.

Vintage and Secondhand Clothing

Always remember, fashion is just the repetition of same ideas and styles. You just must strike the perfect balance. High-rise jeans were a thing in the 60s? It came back in fashion in the 80s. And spoiler alert: high-rise jeans became a street style fashion staple for women in 2018 as well. So, if you really think about it, looking for vintage secondhand clothing online can actually acquaint you with what’s hot in the current fashion scene as well.

All the cool kids in the block including Taylor Swift and Emma Watson are taking the recycled fashion route to save the environment. The question is, are you ready to take the secondhand clothing challenge?