The Outdoorsy Man: Must-Have Travel Essentials for your Adventures

At Fashion Rerun, we have a delightful variety of travel essentials, and must haves to provide comfort, luxury and utility to the outdoorsy man who is always headed out for one big adventure after the other. We understand that affordability is a big question for travelers and adventurers, who always avoid spending too much money on clothes.
We provide a high-end variety of used men’s clothing across the UAE so you can pack up all your essentials without worrying about the price tags. We’ve picked out all the must-haves that you need down below.

Here, take a look:

Zip up Jackets

Whether you’re paragliding, mountaineering, hiking or even cycling, a plushy and comfortable zip up jacket made with fine cozy fabrics is a definite must-have to help you cope against soaring temperatures. We’ve picked out a delightful variety of fashion forward jackets, reversible jackets and fleece zip ups that will keep you warm and snug against chilly winds, while their color palettes will give your style an eclectic energy. Truly, these delights will make shopping for second hand men’s clothes online all the more fun and exciting!

A Variety of T-Shirts

Regardless of your destination and choice of adventure, a traveler can never pack up enough t-shirts because when it comes to freshening up in the middle of a sunny trek, all one has to do is change one’s t-shirts. We have an exciting variety of Ukay Ukay men’s t-shirts online, and you are going to love all the graphic accents and prints we have to offer. These are a great pick to make sure you have dozens of outfits for your trip.

Comfy Shoes

You simply cannot stress enough on the importance of comfy shoes, a nice sole is important to make sure you really enjoy walking through the historic streets of Rome or Burma for that matter. We’ve picked out some super-functional pieces that won’t disappoint you with their undeniable comfort.

Swanky Shorts

Whether you’re getting ready for a luxurious beachside vacation or you’re heading up to an exciting trek journey on rowdy mountain cliffs, shorts are super-functional and extremely necessary for your trip. We’ve picked up a versatile variety of breezy and comfortable shorts that will keep your body active and hydrated against the heat, along with making you look charming on the streets with their athleisure appeal.