The Dapper Gentleman: What do we have to offer?

Men don’t take shopping very seriously, and the Millennials are naturally driven towards spending less and saving more. Our stellar collection of pre-loved clothing for men resolves all dilemmas associated with overspending on clothes, and allows men to really invest into the art of fine dressing. We’ve picked out some of our offerings to walk you through our collection and what we have to offer for the modern gentleman.

Here, take a look:

Outwear: Jackets & Quilted

Whether you seek a vintage style bomber jacket, heavily padded jackets, or sharply tailored workwear blazer, our extensive collection of pre-loved clothing for men offers a wide variety of styles and designs to meet your needs. You can flip through an archive of fashion forward and fine tailored jackets, blazers and athleisure outwear, and rejoice fine quality at less than half the retail price of our second hand designer clothes.

Denim Offerings

Finding the perfect pair of denim jeans is not the simplest of errands, and if you’re seeking finely tailored denim button-downs as well, our collection of second hand men’s clothing online has a lot to offer to you. Scoop up our amazing bargains and delightful variety of denim staples that will add versatility and charm to your wardrobe.

Button-Downs & Shirts

Are you looking for sharply tailored button-downs and formal shirts to elevate your debonair at work? Men often shy away from building a charming workwear wardrobe because of the overwhelming price tags and rising costs of living. We invite you to buy second hand designer clothes from our extensive collection that undergoes strict quality control to make sure our formal shirts and button-downs add finesse and grace to your wardrobe.

Shoes: Casual & Formal

In order to build a versatile and fashion forward wardrobe, a modern man needs multiple shoes to complete multiple statements for different occasions. For work and black tie events, you need a sharp pair of formal shoes while casual sneakers and loafers can also be acceptable for work, given your work environment. Come to think of it, loafers, converse and moccasins are always a great investment to mark smooth style transitions from boring board meetings to fancy clubs and wine tastings. We are the only second hand clothing store online that offers a bespoke collection of used designer shoes at strikingly affordable prices!

Accessories: Hat, Caps, Gloves & More

Whether it is a finely crafted hat you’re looking for a fine quality big buckled leather belt, at Fashion Rerun, we have an extensive collection of accessories for the dapper gentlemen.