The Cardinal Rulebook of Style Savviness

Ladies, fashion is a lot more than just a fleeting trend, it is in fact, an everlasting aura and styles that are classic and timeless. In this article, we will walk you through the cardinal rules of style savvy and effortlessly chic women.

Here, take a look:

Mix up Patterns

Styling is an art of creativity and self-expression, and we all want to flaunt our curves with a bold and sassy attitude. Naturally, workwear and black tie outfits require a neater and sleek attitude, but there’s no one forbidding you from adding a pinch of texture and excitement, right?
The idea is to play around with all the patterns and textures available in your wardrobe, including tweed, polka dots, plaid, gingham, animal prints and luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet and mesh.

Rule of Thirds

Be it photography or fashion, the rule of third is a cardinal rule that dictates a powerful lesson in versatility and functionality. The trick is to invest in used women’s clothing UAE that you can mentally pair up with at least a dozen staples to create over 10 different outfits.
If you fail to do so, don’t bother adding it to your cart. Three clothing staples are all it takes to create a stellar outfit, and creativity is all about adding the right textures and prints to jazz up your look.

Flatter your Curves

When you’re on the hunt to buy second hand clothes online, it is important to pick out dresses, clothes and fitting that will flatter your form. Clothing allows us to flaunt our curves by bringing out the best in our beauty assets.
If you are an athletic girl, invest in ruffles and statement shoulders, while curvy goddesses need to focus on slimming down their waist and accentuating their curves. It’s all about embracing the art of flattering your curves. Our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women will help you find an abundance of outfits to rock your curves with confidence!

Must-Have Handbags

Women need a variety of handbag trends to suit every single occasion, from workwear to streetwear, casual wear, party wear and formal wear. Second hand clothing stores online allow you to make this investment without spending hundreds of dollars.
You need to scoop up a sharply tailored tote bag, an elegant evening clutch, a chic crossbody, a roomy tote bag for commuting, a stylish weekender and a functional satchel bag to complete your handbag arsenal.