Smart Ways to Wear a Skirt during Winter Season

Just because the winds are getting chillier outside and you have switched your evening tea with a warm cup of frothy cappuccino doesn’t mean you don’t get to flaunt your skirts outside anymore. The thing with ladies skirts is, they look fabulous and elegant when you have got the right figure to pull them off. And if donning a skirt makes you feel confident and beautiful, seasons shouldn’t interfere in the way of you and your favorite clothing article. Sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, leggings and shoes – if you pick the accompanying clothing items and accessories right, you can actually get away with wearing skirts during the entire winter season.
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#1 Chunky Sweaters and Feminine Hemlines

One of the best things about a skirt is the feminine aura it creates with its flowy playful hemline; pair it with a chunky artsy sweater and a sling bag for an outdoor breakfast brunch.

#2 With a Button-down and Longline Cover-up

Crisp button-down shirts are our favorite officewear for women. You can actually spruce them up a little by pairing them with a long pleated skirt and a vibrant silk kimono inspired longline cover up or duster jacket. Neutral peep toes stilettos would work fine with this combination.

#3 Wear it with a Turtle Neck

Turtle necks may sound ancient but at the same time they are always around when the weather gets a little colder. For 2018-19 winters, turtle neck sweaters with elaborative bell sleeves are trending. Pair your skirt with one of those and simple pumps for a casual work day.

#4 Channel the Sporty Chic in You

For an effortless chic look, grab your favorite team’s Used Vintage jerseys from a thrift store and pair it with a denim midi-skirt. Layer a trench coat on top with pointed toes boots. Perfect sporty chic glam!

#5 Crochet Tops & Scarves

Crochet is one of those vintage clothing trends that made itself back to contemporary fashion scene. For a retro glam, pair a crochet top and scarf with a stripped spaghetti skirt. Layer a denim jacket on top for additional 70s vibe.