Smart Ways to Make Inexpensive Clothing Look High-end

Not everybody is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Not all of us can each month dedicate a handsome budget to buy us some Chanel, Gucci or Prada. But as a matter of fact, all of us do like to look good and feel good about ourselves. While there is always the option to buy gently used branded clothes for those of us who care about reducing fashion waste and also saving us some money, there are other fashion hacks that can help you in making your ordinary clothing look like high-end.
They say, style is eternal while fashion is fickle and you have got to use just that rule in your benefit. Here are our top suggestions for you to make your clothing appear more expensive than it actually is.

#1 Velvet is Your Best Friend

Since the last couple of years, velvet has made its way back to the global fashion scene. From dresses and gowns to jackets and blouses, velvet has been incorporated in multiple seasonal collections. Velvet, on its own radiates very luxury vibes so when you want to give off a posh and poised vibe, don a dress in velvet and you’re set to rock.

#2 Wear More White

While colors and prints and patterns look playful and feminine the timeless sartorial glam you get from a white ensemble is matchless. And with white dresses you get this air of royal and regal fashion that is hard to miss.

#3 Invest in a Good Handbag

Every woman needs a kickass handbag in her closet, even more so if you are a working woman. Whatever you are wearing for the day, you need to have a good sturdy handbag to flaunt. We suggest something in caramel or beige to go with all colors and shades.

#4 Match Your Accessories

A very effortless and classy way to look fabulous and elegant is to match your shoes and bags and also paint your nails in the same color. This has been a little trick that always brings together your entire look and adds a certain aura of authority to your ensemble.

#5 Invest in Vintage Clothing

Whenever you get a chance, browse through stores of second hand vintage clothing online and get yourself some versatile pieces that could be used in more than one ways. Nothing speaks class and elegance more than a vintage article on you.