Six Ways to Beat Buyer’s Remorse Out of Your Life

So have you ever had serious guilt pangs right after you have added a million things in your shopping cart and pressed ‘confirm order’? Or – do you have this unpleasant churning waves in your stomach when you’re walking away from a store with loaded shiny new shopping bags? Buyer’s Remorse – our dear friend is the new form of anxiety being bestowed upon buyers all thanks to the contemporary consumer culture frenzy. It has become a norm for men and women to buy things that look alluring in a store or website and then later regret spending their money on it.
We – at strongly believe in responsible ethical shopping and this is why today we bring you six brilliant ways to beat buyer’s remorse out of your life.

#1 Don’t fall for the Hype

First thing first, don’t fall a victim of hype. Each time a new collection hits the stores, fashion brands make it sound it’s the only good thing left on the planet, cleverly reeling you in to buy stuff. Just don’t fall for the hype.

#2 Learn to Walk Away

Avoid making impulse purchases. You’re in store, you see something cute or artsy or blingy but you have no real purpose for it in your wardrobe or house – just walk away.

#3 Visit Secondhand Clothing Stores More Often

Look for good used men’s clothing in UAE or a family clothing store such as Fashion Rerun. You can also buy used clothes online if you want to avoid hitting the stores and fall a prey for seasonal collections that come out every four months.

#4 Buy Less, Buy Good

Look for sustainable good quality clothing and shoes that would last you at least a couple of seasons. That way you won’t have to deal with guilt when a cheap dress falls apart after a couple of washes.

#5 Look for Stores with Good Return Policy

Always buy stuff from stores that have a good and valid exchange or return policy. This why, if you do end up hauling more than you can chew, you can just return it for store credit.

#6 Reason with Yourself

Before you decide to splurge on a very expensive dress or pair of shoes, try to reason with yourself. Do you really need it or is it just the hype talking? Would save you some money and heartbreak later.