Seven Ways to Smartly Change Your Shopping Habits

If you grew up listening to silly clichéd things such as “shopping makes everything better” and “retail therapy is the best therapy” – there are high chances for you to have developed strong shopping habits that aren’t doing you and your credit card any good. With all these talk on conscious fashion, green fashion, reducing the fashion wastage and the urge to buy gently used branded clothes over new stuff isn’t just to save the planet but also for saving yourself from drowning in debt.
So – if you’re anything like Rebecca Bloomwood of Confession of a Shopaholic and you find it hard to resist the urge of buying something when you pass the store or see a new advertisement and sale offer, here are seven smart ways to change your shopping habits.

#1 Buy Secondhand

There are excellent places in Dubai to buy affordable branded used clothes and choosing them over new ones can marvelously reduce your expenditures.

#2 Unsubscribe to Stores’ Newsletter

If you have subscribed to every fashion and beauty store’s newsletter, it’s time to declutter your mail box with all these alluring offers that may trigger you to buy stuff you don’t need.

#3 Look for Positive Influence

Several bloggers and instagram fashion influencers are now dedicated to come up with fashion inspirations on how to style same clothes in different outfit combos. Follow them for a positive influence and conscious fashion inspirations.

#4 Budget Your Earnings

Budgeting might sound like a snooze-fest but it helps big time. Keep track of all your earnings, this way you will have no spare money in hand to spend on things you don’t need.

#5 Shop Your Stash

When you have an urge to buy new clothing or shoes, have a look at your wardrobe and everything you already own. You would be baffled to find pieces and items that are long forgotten by you. Instead of running to store, you can actually use them again.

#6 Avoid Window Shopping

There is no point in running around a mall when you don’t actually need something. You would just end up picking up fashion knick knacks here and there that would later lead you to buyer’s remorse.

#7 Make a Shopping List

Now, make a genuine list of things you need on your phone or ipad and stick to it. Don’t go running around buying things you don’t need on a whim.