Second-hand Clothes Vs Fast Fashion: Pros, Cons, and Recommendations

Fast fashion damages our environment by polluting our water bodies and increasing carbon emissions. Apart from being detrimental to the planet, fast fashion also enables exploitative labour practices. Shopping for second-hand clothes and supporting the growth of thrift stores are some of the small ways in which ordinary people can fight the battle against fast fashion. If you are not convinced about thrifting for clothes, here are some persuasive reasons why you should shop second-hand.

It’s wallet-friendly

The most obvious reason why you should buy secondhand clothes is that they are not expensive. The drawback is that you may not always find the right size but being able to purchase high-quality clothing without being harsh on your wallet is indeed a big pro. You can look stylish on a budget without compromising on garment quality and brand value.

It’s good for the environment

You can enjoy a guilt-free experience while shopping for pre-loved clothes. You can purchase clothes from brands like Forever 21, H & M, Lululemon and Levi Strauss while still keeping your carbon footprint minimal if you buy them second-hand. Gradually, you can transition into completely sustainable brands that follow environmentally conscious business practices.

It makes your fashion unique

Fast fashion mass produces clothes and everyone ends up buying the same thing. But through second-hand shopping, you can create unique fashion looks using premium vintage clothes and classy retro t-shirts without being generic in your style. We recommend buying retro Harley Davidson t-shirts, vintage blouses, classic pieces of denim and thrifted shirts to build a wardrobe that stands apart. You can even recreate celebrity fashion looks using thrifted clothes.

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