Second-hand clothes 101: The Essential Guide

The majority of us are familiar with the infinite loop of buying new clothes every season and still end up feeling like we have nothing to wear. Our never-ending shopping sprees seem to be futile despite breaking the bank over expensive branded outfits. Unless we can curb this habit of overconsumption, our environment will keep paying the price. But there is a new generation of fashion enthusiasts who have embraced secondhand fashion and overlooks traditional retailers and fast fashion. Here are some tips to shop for second-hand clothes like a pro:

Have a game plan
Make a list of the clothing items that you need before you go shopping. Having a list of the outfits and colours that are missing from your wardrobe and searching for them specifically will keep you on a mission and prevent you from getting distracted by other choices.

Learn to say no.
It’s hard to resist the allure of cheap prices but be picky and learn to say no to outfits that you don’t need. Buying an outfit just because the price is so low is not a wise choice. Make better money decisions even if you are buying sustainable clothes.

Good things take time.
Patience is key when it comes to shopping for preloved clothes. You may not always find the outfits that you are looking for but trust the process and you will be able to build a sustainable yet fashionable wardrobe in no time.

Try Online
Newbies who are just stepping into the world of secondhand clothes and sustainable clothing can try online shopping first before going to offline thrift stores. Online sustainable fashion stores like Fashion Rerun lets you comb through various categories, sizes, brands and price ranges within minutes.

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