Rules for Dressing Well and Looking sharp

Dressing better and looking sharp doesn’t mean that you have to wear a suit and formal dressing all the time. One can look well groomed and sharp without formal dressing as well. The trick lies in being subtle, too flashy clothes can make a man look very cheap. Avoid that. Here are some great tips that will have you looking sharp even in casual clothing.

Dress Mature:

If you want people to take you seriously, let go of your boyish clothing and start dressing maturely. Youthful clothes might look good and refreshing, but they do nothing to make you look sharp. The difference between a boy and man can be measured by maturity, and that maturity can be expressed through your clothing.
Dressing mature doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dress the way your grandpa does, it is more like avoid certain items that make you look like a teenager: flashy tee shirts, funny captioned shirts as well as cartoony tee shirts and ripped jeans.

Replace Graphic Tees with Proper T-Shirts:

Graphic tees will portray you as a man-child. That’s not very mature or attractive, especially with the ladies. You will never be able to pick a girl looking like a man-child. Rather go for more sober t-shirts. Give Polo Tee’s a try, they have a proper collar and they look decent as well.


Another thing to have is the confidence to carry any kind of outfit. No matter how good or bad you think, it is. Never wear anything that will make you feel self-conscious. The feeling of uneasiness will take away confidence. Avoid wearing the colors that you think doesn’t suit you. Go for the styles that you think you look good in. This will help you get more confidence in yourself.


Your clothes will mean nothing if you aren’t well groomed. Trim your hair periodically, have a proper cut every three months. No matter what kind of clothing you wear, casual or formal, make sure it’s properly ironed.


If you want to look well groomed and sharp, invest in proper accessories like solid color ties, lapel pins cufflinks, and a nice watch. These are the kind of little pieces that can enhance any kind of clothing instantly.


It’s the little effort that makes the most difference. Before you leave the house in a hurry, make sure you take a glance at your full attire and correct any mistakes.