Recycled Fashion – How to Become a Smart & Stylish Consumer?

We are living in an age of disposable goods – from food to clothes to income the trend of disposable goods has crept into everyday life matters and the situation is getting alarming. Plastic is clogging the ocean; fashion industry is causing a huge waste each year and microbeads are threatening the marine lives. Realizing the seriousness of situation and dearth of awareness, global luxury brands came up with the idea of ‘recycled fashion’ and celebrities like Emma Stone came forward as the biggest advocate of the trend.

What is Recycled Fashion?

The idea of recycled fashion emerged from an attempt to reduce clothing wastage. Every year brands to keep their hold in the market churn out seasonal trends followed by alluring marketing and advertising campaigns. These campaigns attract buyers and people who don’t need any more clothes end up hogging more clothes and accessories than they can use in a life time. Recycled fashion means reusing the old clothes rather than spending money on new items each season. This is cost-effective and an efficient manner to reduce waste caused by fashion industry.

Second Hand Clothing Saves the Day

Buying second hand clothing is one of the easiest way to stop such wastage and do your part in saving the planet and being a responsible consumer. Buying second hand clothing comes up with its own perks. You get to not only save huge bucks, but you also score vintage pieces that you can repurpose and reuse in trendy seasonal fashion outfits while maintaining your individuality and fashion sense.

What you need to do is find a reliable store for quality second hand clothes shopping. Something like Fashion Rerun in Dubai that keeps their inventory in rotation and constantly keep stocking clothing items that are top notch quality. Then browse through the product category and identify key clothing articles that you can use in various combos.

Take a high-rise denim for instance. If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of a girl with girl-next-door kind of styling sense, there are a ton of options to style up a single denim. Wear it with a loose chiffon floral blouse for a day out or a lace snug fit top for a casually dressed up look. The same denim can be paired with a casual t-shirt for an everyday effortlessly chic look. They key is to look for items that you can see yourself wearing again and again and fit in your lifestyle.