Style Rulebook: Millennials Guide to Building a Fashion Savvy Wardrobe

Millennials have taken over the fashion industry with their enormous demographic size, their dynamic and practical buying decisions, and brands are forced to pay heed to their consumer choices. But overburdened with student loans, mortgage, and the desire to build up their savings and investments, millennials often find themselves struggling to make trendy fashion choices.
Not anymore! At Fashion Rerun, we invite you to buy gently used branded clothes and ramp-ready statements that will help you build an appropriately trendy wardrobe for work, black tie formals, casual wear and more.

Here, take a look at some tips and tricks to create a trendy wardrobe without breaking the bank:

The Rule of 50

The rule of 50 is one of the most powerful strategy that will work wonders at aiding your buying decisions. Now, the trick is to buy any garment or clothing item after mentally pairing it up with at least 10-12 different items in your wardrobe, and creating at least 50 different outfits.
You see, if you can create 50 new outfits with one piece of clothing, it is the perfect pick to add versatility to your wardrobe. Luckily, our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women is brimming with versatile offerings!

Versatile Hues

In order to make sure your wardrobe choices are endlessly abundant and you never run out of clothes to wear, always focus on selecting versatile colors that can be paired with anything and everything. Shades like nude, cream, red, black, browns, grey, blues, camel and others, are extremely versatile, especially when it comes to outerwear, jackets, trench coats and capes.

Basic Essentials

The most important secret of curating an elaborate wardrobe that is brimming with variety is to focus on purchasing all your basics. These basic clothing items typically include denim jeans, basic white button downs, a little black dress, plain black pumps, a sharply tailored pencil skirt, blazers, sheath dresses, and silk blouses amongst others.
Be sure to cover your basics and you’ll find yourself never running out of outfits to flaunt. Our collection of second hand women's clothing online Dubai will help you scoop up all the essentials you need.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Accessories can transform any and every outfit and turn it into a ramp-ready statement. Even the plainest of shirts and blouses look stunning when paired up with a beautifully embellished necklace. A sharply structured tote bag can give your workwear statement a bold aura of charm.