Kids Dress-up This Wedding Season

Whether you have one kid or more the most difficult task is to get them dressed. God forbid if you have a wedding to attend, the task gets even harder. No matter how well you dress them, they will look like a disaster in a couple of minutes. This is the bitter truth of dressing kids for any occasion.
Here are a few tips to make your kid look extra cool this wedding season and help you make your kid look like an angel.

Kids are Kids, Dress Them Like One:

Most parents make the huge mistake of dressing up their kids like adults. As a result, the kid doesn’t look like either, an adult or a kid. They get stuck in the middle. That’s not very pleasant. Secondly, kids have a mind of their own; they can hardly sit in one position for more than a couple of minutes. Don’t waste designer clothes on your kids if he lacks obedience. Let the kids be. You have your fun and let them have theirs.

Choose Colors That Pop:

You might love subtle and light colors on your kid, but these colors are meant for mature people. Dress your kids in colors that pop out and are bright. Bring out their personality through vibrant colors. Especially if it’s an evening wedding, make sure you dress them in suitable colors like royal blue, bright pink or yellow.

Keep a Lid On Extra Accessories:

Kids easily get irritated, they more you lay on them, the more frustrated they will get. So make sure that you have a balance of accessories. Too much and they will mess the whole thing and look like the little monsters they truly are. There is no doubt that accessories look cute, but not when they are on the floor somewhere in the venue. For boys a bowtie will suffice, for girls a head band is all you need.

Respect Their Choices:

Many kids get annoyed by certain kinds of clothing. Know what suits your kid and what doesn’t. Don’t do unnecessary experiments on your kids. Silk, organza, cotton or heavy embellished material, are all wedding favorites. But not every kid can handle them so; don’t force them to wear it. This will only make them fly off the handle.
Weddings aren’t the times to discipline your kids. Do it before or after. If you want the wedding season pass without any event follow our guide and keep your little monster happy.