It’s all about the Bag

Have you ever wondered, even with the right dresses, branded clothes you still don't get enough praises? Why is that? What’s lacking? We’ll tell you what? It’s the bag; you are missing the perfect bag. Accessories give your clothing a huge upgrade when you don't accessorize right; you don’t do justice to your dress.
A bag is one such accessory that used to be a practical item; nowadays, it's both. Practical as well as fashion and style statement. It’s important that you understand that it’s all in the right bag.
Here’s our guide to what kind of a bag should you carry with various outfits.

Large bags

The first and foremost rule of carrying bags is size versus occasion. A large bag adds personality as well as a sense of relaxation, which is why they are perfect for work, casual outings or picnics. You can fit the world into a huge tote bag. Large bags like tote and hobo are perfect as they carry all your stuff conveniently and they are the height of fashion as well. The 2019 trend is leather; it’s the perfect time to get your woven leather hobo or tote out.

Small bags

Clutches add elegance and sophistication, which is why they are preferred for formal events as well as evening parties. If you have a formal party or a dressy event to attend, and if it requires you to wear a cocktail dress or a gown then an envelope clutch is what you need. If it’s a simple dress add glitter or sequenced clutch if you are wearing a heavy gown take a clutch that is plain and matches the color of your gown. If you are looking for the perfect branded gowns, in affordable prices, check out the Used Women's Clothing Dubai or Used Women's Clothing UAE, you can get the almost all branded stuff in a very affordable price online.
Once the occasion and dress are out of the way, it’s time to think, how much should the bag match? Should it be the exact same color? Or should you go for a contrast? Too much matching can make your look bland and limp, try contrasting. If you are wearing monochrome or contemporary colors, try going for a bright bag and if you are going for a colorful sundress, carry a neutral colored bag.

Bags add personality to your outfit; they are the most practical accessory. However, being practical doesn’t always have to be boring.