Celebrity Favourites: Here is How Your Favourite Celebs are Styling Y2K Outfits!

The ultimate fashion trends of the 2000s are back with a bang and the most fashionable celebrities are flaunting the Y2K aesthetics on red carpets and social media alike. If you are looking to relive the nostalgia of wearing butterfly clips, bedazzled jeans, baby tees and baguette bags, look no further than Y2K-inspired outfits that will take you right back to the turn of the millennium. Here are some of the most popular Y2K fashion trends that are being revived by your favourite celebrities!

Cargos and Denim
The 2000s celebs were notorious for their love for denim and cargo. Be it the iconic denim-on-denim look by the then celebrity couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake or oversized cargo pants from J. Lo’s music video “Jenny from the Block”, cargo pants and denim outfits were always a celeb favourite. Continuing on the trend, many celebs like Bella Hadid and Rihanna have been recreating Y2K looks with denim and cargo pants.

Mini Skirts and Baby Tees
Mini denim skirts and cropped t-shirts were another signature combination from the Y2K era that has been seen being recreated by celebs like Emma Chamberlain. You can find the original mini denim skirts from the 2000s in many second-hand clothing stores and thrift shops. Cropped baby tees are seen paired with everything from cargo pants to mini pleated skirts and vintage jeans.

Corset Tops
Corset tops made their reappearance in the wardrobes of celebs ranging from Lizzo and Addison Rae to Ashley Graham and Bella Hadid. Many classy corset tops can be sourced second-hand which will help you keep your style sustainable along with maintaining your Y2K aesthetics. Corset tops are all about recreating the nostalgia of the past with a tinge of modern mixed in.

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