How to Update your Wardrobe without Buying New Clothes

With New Year being upon our heads, one of the New Year resolutions all of us aim for is to change ourselves for better. Taking care of your appearance and improving your taste and style is a good way to start it. However, what do you do when you want to update your wardrobe but you are on a money crunch? An entire wardrobe update sounds like a highly expensive idea anyways. But if you take our advice, your ‘new year, new me’ mantra could be achieved without having to dig a hole in your pocket.
Let’s proceed, shall we?

#1 Use transitional pieces

When you store your pieces in seasonal boxes, you incredibly limit your options of dressing up. No, do not throw in that sundress in summer drawer rather wear it with a striped t-shirt and a duster jacket on a cold January morning. Transitioning seasonal pieces gives you a tons of new options to flaunt without having to buy new clothes altogether.

#2 Invest only on accessory

The rule number two of the smart dresser’s book says never to ignore your accessories. Ties, tie-pins, lapel pins, blazers, vests, scarfs are some of the fashion accessories that infuse an entirely new spirit in any of your outfit. So, when you’re finding a way to update your personal style on a budget, you might just need to spruce up your accessories.

#3 Browse through thrift stores

There are tons of secondhand clothing stores in Dubai that sell gently used branded clothes on very reasonable prices. If you don’t want to spend money on full clothing combos, you can invest on little bits and bobs to save same bucks and still keep your wardrobe fresh and fashion forward.

#4 Get a tailor

Half the charm and charisma of a stunning dress or a dapper suit lies in its fittings. For your New Year fashion resolutions, if you do just one thing then do this: get you a tailor or seamstress with a talent to customize a dress or suit as per your measurements. You would be amazed to discover how many clothing pieces stay in your closet unloved because they don’t fit you anymore. It’s time to take them out and wear them around.

#5 Mix & Match

Throw away the ancient rule of wearing co-ords and matching outfits. Flaunt whatever floats your boat. Pair unusual combos together and you might just strike the right balance for the day.
Try out these fabulous ideas to update your wardrobe and smartly save your bucks.