The Rise of NASCAR Fashion: How to Style Your Favourite NASCAR Outfits

NASCAR outfits are one of the most sought-after fashion items by Gen Z and you cannot enter any major Vintage store without a NASCAR jacket hanging on the walls, grabbing eyeballs and tempting shoppers. The young people on TikTok may not know about Dale Earnhardt or Jeff Gordon, but they sure are gravitating towards the bold-coloured t-shirts with sponsored logos and the names of these iconic race car drivers splashed all over! What started as a niche vintage fashion choice is now one of the most popular and celebrity-approved styles out there. Let’s see how to get ready using the NASCAR apparel in your wardrobe.

NASCAR Jackets

This must be the most common yet versatile NASCAR outfit out there. Its unisex appeal and distinctiveness allow you to style in a very personal way. While men can rock it over simple white or black t-shirts, ladies can wear oversized NASCAR jackets over their dresses to look sporty yet feminine.

NASCAR T-shirts

Vintage NASCAR t-shirts can be the perfect addition to the chaotic and bold aesthetic of NASCAR fashion. To style your vintage t-shirts, there is no need to look further than the classic Dale Earnhardt-inspired look of sporting leather jackets and dark sunglasses. You can even go for a front-open hoodie over your t-shirt to show off those prints.

Designer meets NASCAR

NASCAR screams street style as rappers were the ones who made it popular right from the beginning. But recently, high-fashion brands and designers have been seen turning their attention towards NASCAR fashion trends. Just like Jaden Smith styled his Rusty Wallace race t-shirt under a Louis Vuitton trench coat for The Jimmy Fallon show, you can
nalso fearlessly pair your NASCAR outfits with one or two designer items to look wicked and bougie.

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