How to Stay Trendy on a Budget?

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes – and budgets! Yes, you heard it right. It is absolutely possible to stay fashionable and trendy while still saving a huge amount of money of your earnings each month. All you have got to do is shop smartly. Don’t add everything you find ‘sparkly’, ‘shiny’ and ‘cute’ to your cart. Allocate a dedicated budget to your seasonal shopping and take your time to browse through the fashion categories of your local secondhand clothing stores before making a purchase.

Here are FIVE tried and tested smart ways to stay trendy while you’re on a budget:

#1 Be a Regular at Budget Stores

Make sure to frequently check the ‘fresh arrival’ sections of your local thrift stores. If you live in Dubai, you can look for secondhand clothing online at The ‘fresh arrival’ section of a secondhand clothing store is where you’d find latest trendy fashion pieces. Make sure you don’t snooze on it while the others snag them away.

#2 Add Trendy Pop of Colors

There’s no need to buy an entire new outfit to stay relevant to the current fashion scene. Educate yourself on the seasonal colors that are trending and buy a piece each in that color. Use that accent trendy piece to style a last year’s outfit and make it fashionable again.

#3 Accessorize

Accessorizing is a great way to uplift and freshen up an old boring outdated fashion outfit. This year, ethnic style embroidered chokers are trending; wear them with a plain top and look edgy and chic. For outdoors, cat-eye sunglasses with narrowed lenses and bold frames are trending. Pair them with any of your outfit to add a new zing to it.

#4 Spend on Shoes

Surprisingly enough, budget shoppers often tend to ignore the importance of footwear when styling an outfit. If you’re short on budget you can find excellent quality fashionable slightly used shoes on secondhand clothing stores. Get them in silhouettes and styles that are trending for the season.

#5 Keep up with the Beauty Trends

Well – it goes without saying but if you want to look stylish and fashionable, you have to keep up with the trends. Fashion blogs, Instagram accounts, magazines and even Snapchat can be a great sources to stay updated on the fashion trends. Make sure you enter a thrift store being already aware that what’s hip for the season.