How to Stay Stylish While Travelling?

Travelling is a great way to break the monotonous of everyday life; to rejoice and re-energize for the next year’s work. Travelling is also a good time to meet new people, make new friends, and leave your impressions on now-strangers that may turn to life-long friends and to make some everlasting memories. Therefore, your travel clothing is something you really should focus on besides your travel and lodging arrangements.
It’s good to pack lightweight and comfy clothes for travelling but you don’t want to look like an old potato sack during your excursions. The key is to find travel clothing that are good quality, sustainable, comfortable yet trendy and fashionable. Here are FIVE ways to stay stylish and look amazing while traveling:

#1 Buy Wrinkle-free Fabric

The last thing you’d want to do on a vacation is ironing your clothes. The hotel where you stay might have the laundry and pressing facility but we highly recommend you only use that in case you’re to attend a high class party or dinner. Invest on wrinkle-free tees, cardigans and bottoms instead that you can wear straight out of the suitcase.

#2 Pack Bold, Opaque Colors

Bold colors photograph beautifully and you really would want to capture some beautiful memories. A great way to get an effortless sexy and sassy glam is to wear bright red or shocking pick with a simple flick eyeliner and statement pout.

#3 Get a good Manicure and Pedicure

Not a sartorial recommendation but an absolute must-have: visit a good nail salon prior to your trip and get your hands and toes painted. Having clean and pampered hands and feet instill oodles of confidence in your and enhance the gorgeousness of your outfit and accessories.

#4 Add a Statement Piece

It’s wise to pack a lot of basics such as a trustee jeans, a pair of well-fitting skirt and a couple of neutral tops. A statement choker, a multilayered necklace or oversized earrings might add a nice bohemian touch to your look.

#5 Go out of Your Comfort zone

Vacations are a good time to try something new, unusual and crazy. If you live in Dubai and you don’t get to wear beautiful knitted beanies or a French beret quite often, maybe it’s time for you to try them during your vacation. You can find excellent variety of fashionable and comfy travel clothing for women at