How to shop the most iconic Y2K Clothes of the early 2000s: From True Religion Jeans, Corset Tops, Cargo pants and Juicy Couture tracksuits, Y2K Clothes are back and here to stay for 2023

What are Y2K Clothes?

The days of flip phones, Clueless and Lizzie Mcguire might be over but the outfits of many well-known icons of the Y2K Clothes Era such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, J. Lo and Destiny’s Child have been copied and replicated throughout the years. Although a niche trend Y2K Clothes have become one of the most popular styles of clothing to wear in 2023 due to modern age mega stars such as Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo and Haley Bieber all taking inspiration from the 2000s for both their red carpet and everyday looks. Ontop of this supermodel Bella Hadid brought the revival of luxury brands such as Versace, Diesel, Chanel and Miu Mui embracing the Y2K Clothes trend and creating new campaigns with celebrities like herself as the poster girls of a new era of fashion. You might wonder why teenagers and young adults would want to replicate clothing from that time period, but the bright colours, unique designs and iconic brands still catch the eye of many young shoppers today to add a touch of fun and individuality to their outfits.


How do I dress in Y2K Clothes?

In order to get an authentic Y2K look you should check out Fashion Rerun to find authentic Y2K Jeans, Y2K Tops, Y2K Skirts and Y2K Cargo Pants. Fashion Rerun’s Y2K clothing is reasonably priced and unquestionably y2k-ready. Of course, avoid acting as though you've just stepped out of 2001 right away but investing in good pieces from the time is a sure way of incorporating the style into your wardrobe. It's advisable to begin with little adjustments, of course if you were a young person in the 2000s, you undoubtedly would’ve joined the chaos of the time and stocked your wardrobes with clothing however you may not need to purchase everything right now and instead make more sustainable purchasing choices whilst still incorporating a Y2K Aesthetic. Any budding Y2K enthusiast knows that there are a few Y2K Clothes brands that are a must in any Y2K girls wardrobe. Here are a list of iconic Y2K brands you can find at Fashion Rerun:


Juicy Couture Tracksuits

Undoubtedly the poster girls for Y2K back in the day, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, screen queens of the early Noughties made the velour track suit the ‘must have’  Y2K fashion item. But not any velour track suit would do, celebrities across the world proudly wore their exclusive Juicy Couture tracksuits to everything from shopping sprees to lunch meetings. It became a statement piece of the time and a brand which has seen a huge revival due to the resurgence of Y2K Clothes.  Of course, the Juicy Couture track suit comes in a plethora of colors, as well as in bejewelled logo versions for a more bling look. Check them out HERE on Fashion Rerun.


True Religion Jeans

Have you seen True Religion jeans lately?  The big pocket, horseshoe logo and signature stitching has made them one of the most recognizable Y2K jeans ever. Strangely back in the early days of the brand (ie. 2002) the founder Jeff Lubells gave away more pairs than he initially sold just to get the brand noticed and worn by many of the Y2K celebrities of the time. The publicity he received from his Y2K Clothing through celebrities wearing his brand catapulted it into becoming one of the most recognisable brands of the 2000s era and still loved today. True Religion Jeans have many different designs, cuts and sizes to choose from, Check out the True Religion Brand in our Y2K section HERE 


Corset Tops and Cargo Pants

When it comes to Y2K Clothes there are cheaper ways the follow the trend, rather than shopping brands you can simply incorporate iconic Y2K era pieces like Corset Tops and Cargo Pants into your everyday wardrobe, Often with Y2K Clothes it’s the aesthetic rather than the brands that make the outfit so incorporating some wide leg cargo pants or detailed corset tops from Fashion Rerun into your wardrobe is sure to give you the Britney, Paris or JLo look in no time at a fraction of the cost. 

Fashion Rerun has the largest selection of Y2K Clothes and Brands for any budget. Check out Fashion Rerun’s online store for the Best Y2K Clothes or Click the shop links to view our products.