How to make sustainable fashion more fashionable

Time and fashion fly by at the same pace. The latest trends in retro fashion are a favorite among many of us. As we have thousands of growing brands, we have a wardrobe filled with affordable, vintage, retro, sustainable, and discount items, many still with their tags attached.

Second-hand clothes

Like never before, millennials are drawn to secondhand shopping. Because of this, brands and retailers are embracing secondhand clothing. There are some unique and vintage styles in a world full of fashion trends that make secondhand shopping unique. Second-hand clothing and accessories are becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious shoppers. By 2023, the industry is expected to exceed $51 billion. The second-hand clothing industry is on the rise worldwide.

Custom and On-Demand Clothing

Custom clothing is a current fashion trend. Customers want clothing made to order. Because Harley shirts, vintage hoodies, and sweatshirts are unique, customized, fashionable, and fit perfectly, they are custom clothing.

Redesign, upcycle, and repair fashion

Repairs and redesigns are the current fashion in an industry with many choices. Additionally, brands and retailers follow the 5 R s of fashion, which include reducing, repairing, recycling, repurposing, and reinventing.

Fashion that's eco-friendly

Across the globe, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting. Animals and the planet both suffer from the industry. Thus, it becomes imperative to make the production as clean and environmentally friendly as possible.


Trends such as these are driving the fashion industry towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. By the year 2020, the fashion industry is set to become even green than it already is. Retailers and consumers are adopting new ways of making fashion more environmentally friendly. In the next decade, smart technologies will make consumers smarter and brands ready to capitalize on sustainable innovations.




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