How to Define and Maintain Your Personal Style?

Fashion vs. Style is a debate that dates to a century that seems to have passed at least a billion years ago. Ever since the inception of the first fashion label in the industry, people have been debating over the issue of following the mainstream trend or maintaining one’s own individual style. While fashion is seasonal, style is timeless and it is something that becomes a quintessential part of your being. People start identifying you with your style and we think it’s worth investing your time and effort to maintain it. Once you have nailed down a style that’s exclusive to you, jumping on the trends bandwagon becomes breezier.
Here are five things you must focus on for maintaining a distinct style of your own.

1- Get Your Basics Right

A good outfit starts with a good foundation. Meaning that you would have to focus on clothing pieces that might appear menial such as undergarments, vests, t-shirts etc. Invest in good quality sustainable basics and make your way up from there.

2- Pick a regular store

Maintaining a consistency in your style is an essential part of developing a distinguished aura of your own. We suggest you pick a fashion store that stocks clothes and accessories that are right up your alley and be a regular there. It would instill a certain cohesiveness in your attire.

3- Flaunt Your Colors

Everyone has a color that suits their complexion and personality better. Figure out what’s yours and don’t shy away from flaunting it every now and then. Colors have a language of their own and when added to an outfit, they make their presence felt rather strongly. Use it to make a statement of your own.

4- Prefer Quality over Quantity

Being stylish doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hoard expensive luxury items in your closet. We suggest you focus on quality rather than quantity. Spend smartly on affordable branded used clothes rather than getting multiple cheap clothes. Quality speaks for itself and so would your style.

5- Explore Your Cuts & Fits

You might have to browse through more than one store of Second hand men’s clothes online before you figure out one that houses cuts and fits that are perfect for your body shape and lifestyle. But the hassle is worth your time if you want to look your best in your clothes.
Dressing up is an art and if you follow our styling suggestions, you would knock everybody’s socks off with your elegance and smartness.