How to Choose Your Bag According To Your Body Type

It’s amazing to know that most people aren’t aware that they can conceal and contour their body types with the help of their accessories. Yes, it’s true. You can most definitely make your body look curvy, slim or chubby with the help of the right accessories, especially bags.
Bags are one accessory that people love buying. You may have a closet full of bags of different types, but you will still itch to buy more. Why not buy the kind of bag that will give you more benefit than just carrying your stuff.
Here’s how you can choose the best bag according to your body size.

Inverted Triangle Body:

With an inverted triangle body, you have broad shoulders and a slim waist and hips. With a body type like this, all attention goes to the shoulders. You will need a bag that will take all the attention from your shoulder and take it to your waist. A small bag with a long chain that will take all attention to your waist is perfect for a body that has broad shoulders.

Triangle Body:

A triangle body is the one that has wider hips and a wider waist and slimmer shoulders. For a body type like that, you will need a short strapped bag that will rest right between the hips and waist. This will give the illusion of broader shoulders. A bag like that balances the figure to perfection. Hobo tote bags are a perfect example of these kinds of bags. Don’t go for a bag that will lie on your hip as it will bring unwanted attention to your rear.

Rectangle Body:

A rectangle body is a balanced body. It’s the figure where the shoulders, waist, and hips are of same proportions. You will need to add an illusion of curve to this liked of lean and straight body type. A bag that rests at the end of your hip will do just the thing. Hobo as well as satchel bags, are perfect for creating this illusion.

Hourglass Body:

This is the ideal shape of a female body. Any kind of bag works for this body type. All you need to take care of is about the size you choose. You can choose bags including, tote bags, long-strapped satchel handbags, large size hobo handbags, cross body sling handbags, medium size shoulder handbags.


Bags are a lot more than just an accessory. See your bag in a new light and avail the ultimate knowledge.