How a Red Scarf Can Change Your Entire Look?

Being able to pull of an elegant and chic look every day is not a piece of cake. Even more so if you are trying to juggle your life between paying bills and saving money. There is always the option to save some bucks when you buy gently used branded clothes instead of investing in new pieces every few weeks but there are other styling tricks you can try to stay on top of your game. One such fashion hack we have up on our sleeves is the art of accessorizing; adding a bold statement red scarf to your outfit to be precise.
A red scarf, if styled properly infuses a new energy and vibrancy to a corny repetitive look. It not only gives off posh finishing to your outfit but is also a winter fashion classic. Here are five ways you can slay in a red scarf with any outfit you already have.

#1 The Kardashian Style

The Kardashian sisters for sure know their ways with simple yet outstanding outfits. Pair a soft linen red scarf with an ultra-chic black jeans and leather jacket. Wear something girly and flowy under the jacket to keep your look soft and feminine.

#2 Pair it with Aztec Prints

In a place like Dubai where winters aren’t crazy extreme, you can get away with wearing just a light Aztec print cardigan on top of any outfit. For additional warmth and flair, add on a thin red scarf around your neck. And off you go looking stunning and stylish.

#3 Add a Touch of Warmth

Knitted infinity scarfs ooze out warmness and vintage fashion vibes. For your nights out in town, pair a simple stripes t-shirt and jeans with an oversized infinity red scarf. Tie your hair in a bun and flaunt your new look.

#4 Go Royal

When it comes to royal fashion inspirations, Kate Middleton is still our favorite. Steal this stunning daytime look from here where she paired a black trench coat with a plain red scarf. Absolutely perfect for work.

#5 The Retro Girl

Try something bold and quirky by tying your hair back with a red scarf. It totally transforms your look and is a major throwback to the 70s.

Don’t forget to check the scarf aisles next time you set out to shop for secondhand designer clothes. Sometimes, a scarf is all you need to add an oomph to an old outfit.