Hottest Black Tie Trends to Flaunt this Season

Ladies, winter is just around the corner, and the season’s fashion radar for black-tie and festive statements is obsessing over trends that are bold, bright and bewitching. The chilly season ahead is brimming with a wide variety of trends that will allow you to accentuate your curves and channel your inner goddess with a bold aura.
nIn this article, we will walk you through an exciting round of the hottest black tie trends to rock this season. Luckily, our splendid collection allows you to buy gently used branded clothes to flaunt these trends.

Here, feast your eyes:

Glitter & Glam

Ladies, glitter and sequins are all the rage this season, and we strongly recommend you to shop this trend to give your statements a bold pop of glamour. Glittery and sequined black tie dresses are always a terrific choice when you want to emerge as the lady of the evening, and sashay across the room, dripping with glamour.

Velvet Dreams

No winter black tie radar can be complete without the elegance and sophistication of velvet, as this fine fabric is the pride of any and every formal wear wardrobe. Velvet has the most elegant fall and it will work wonders at highlighting the contours of your figure and playing up your curves with a chic sophistication. We strongly urge you to invest in a red velvet gown, and if you’d like to view more styles, feel free to browse through our collection of Ukay Ukay clothing for women.

Statement Shoulders

Despite the onset of the chilly season, designers continue to obsess over the voguish trend of off-the-shoulder, cold-shoulder and sleeveless necklines. Ladies, this winter, do not hold back as you brim up your formal wear wardrobe with stunning statement shoulder cocktail dresses, gowns and black tie numbers. Our collection allows you buy second hand clothes online to shop this voguish trend at affordable rates.

Thigh-High Slits

Another daring trend that is trending hot on the winter black tie radar, thigh-high slits are a timeless recipe to instantly give your look an Old’ Hollywood style glamour. These daring slits have become all the more bold and audacious, so get ready to shop this intensely sexy trend from our collection of affordable branded used clothes.

Emerald Green

This gorgeous shade of green is trending hot on celebrity red carpets and fashion runways, and you simply cannot complete a befitting black tie wardrobe without its elegance. Our second hand clothing store online can help you scoop up some stunning black tie numbers and dresses to flaunt this bewitching color palette.