Classic Hollywood Flicks Every Girl Should Watch for the Love of Vintage Fashion

Fashion on films is still one of the most coveted ways to get inspirations for old school sartorial glam and vintage outfits. If you are a girl who has got a taste for refined and sophisticated elaborative fashion accessories of the 50s, splendid sequin of the 60s and the practicality of the 70s fashion, here are a few classic Hollywood flicks you must watch. The storyline of all these movies reel one in with their captivating twists and powerful dialogues but the icing on the cake is the wardrobe choices for the lead actresses – it’s a real-time treat to binge on these movies and plan your vintage attire for the next big night in the town.

#1 Gone with the winds

Set in the backdrop of an unfortunate southern civil war, Gone with the Wind is a four-hour binge that tugs at the hearts of its viewers with a classic heart-rendering romance spanning on generations. But that’s not every reason to watch it. Walter Plunkett’s costumes that were exclusively designed for Viven Leigh are considered classic fashion marvels. So, next time you’re browsing vintage secondhand clothing online, make sure to get a dress that pays homage to this cult favorite.

#2 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The black figure-hugging dress; the magnificent diamond strand necklace; the posh velvet gloves – no fashion look out of a Hollywood movie has been as ageless and as popular as this one by Audrey Hepburn form Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s very easy to recreate too; you just need to find a good vintage black dress to begin with.

#3 Roman Holiday

Now, if elaborative ball gowns, statement A-line dresses or fashion fairytale inspired wardrobe isn’t your cup of tea, you may enjoy another Audrey Hepburn’s starrer Roman Holiday. Not only the movie has got a gripping love story but the outfits are some of the most chic, sleek and high fashion even for today. Dirndl skirts and espadrilles – need we say more?

#4 Gentlemen Prefer Blonde

We cannot possibly make a vintage fashion inspirations from classic Hollywood times and not include Marilyn Monroe. The favorite blonde of America was known for her extravagant taste in clothing and the iconic pink silk dress that she donned for her famous ‘diamonds are girls’ best friend’ song are sure to inspire your next sartorial choice.
Next time you shop second hand vintage clothes online, be sure of these fashion inspirations in mind, because vintage is always trendy!