Fashion Rerun’s Guide to Finding Authentic Vintage Carhartt Outfits

When it comes to work wear, Carhartt has been a brand name synonymous with quality and durability since 1889. Over the years, they have expanded their market to streetwear and high fashion as well. Shopping for second-hand Carhartt outfits is worth every single penny as all their clothes are designed to last for a long time. Classic Carhartt overalls, jeans and jackets can stand the wear and tear as they were originally designed for blue-collar workers. Finding authentic vintage Carhartt outfits is therefore a steal deal if you could get your hands on one. Here are some tips to spot the real Carhartt!

Check the Logo

The classic yellow Carhartt logo shaped like a ‘C’ made its presence known for the first time in 1966. Real Carhartt outfit logos will have dense stitching and they will match with any other visible logos on the same outfit. Other recognisable and authentic Carhartt logos include the first Car plus ‘Heart’ logo, the Hamilton Carhartt Company logo, the Script logo, the Carhartt Headlight Finck logo etc. A keen eye can tell you whether the outfit is authentic or not from the logo itself.

Good Quality Tags

Carhartt exudes quality in every minute detail about their outfit. The tags stitched into the outfit will be made of good-quality fabric. It will have clear prints that do not bleed into the other side. There are date codes on the tags of authentic vintage Carhartt clothing where the first two digits denote the month and the last two digits indicate the year in which the outfit was made. Detailed care and composition information, and sometimes details about the distributor are present in the tags.

Look Out for Sturdiness

As Carhartt outfits were originally designed for working-class people, they are sturdy and tough. Everything from the zipper, buttons and rivets used on the jackets, jeans, shirts etc will be strong and well-made.

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