Gossip Girl Blasts: Styling Lessons from Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf was not only the undisputed queen of the Upper East Side, but more importantly, she was an iconic fashion diva that has made us richer just learning from her style escapades and fashion evolution.
In this article, we will walk you through some of the most amazing styling tricks inspired by Blair Waldorf-all effortless style transitions that you can make by buying second hand clothes online.

Loud Accessories

Queen B always flaunted loud and bold accessories that popped out and commanded attention. From her signature headbands to quirky jewelry, exquisite hats, hip textures and amazing jewelry-even her scarves were ultra-chic and on-point. Blair teaches us that accessories are truly the most powerful way to give your outfit a high-end designer appeal.

Cleverly Coordinated

Owning hundreds of clothing items wouldn’t make much difference if you didn’t know how to style them. Blair Waldorf has left behind a legacy in clever outfit coordination, and lovely mixing-and-matching of prints. Ladies, the idea is to create an outfit that is appealing to the eyes with its seamless coordination, and then, throws the onlooker off balance with a powerful piece. Our impressive collection allows you to buy second hand branded clothes and some knock separates to hit up your fashion ante!

Rock some Plaid

From her insanely style savvy uniform at Constance, to her everyday plaid outfits and beautifully tailored plaid outwear, Blair looked ramp-ready in the preppy yet timeless trend of plaid. What does that teach us? Only that plaid is eternal and everlasting, and luckily, you can buy gently used branded clothes in plaid from our impressive collection.

Shine like a Diva

From masquerade balls to high-end black tie events, the Queen of the Upper East Side taught us that all women deserve their very own moments of Hollywood-style glamour. It doesn’t matter if you can’t walk down the red carpet, you can still invest in alluring ball gowns and ravishing couture from our spectacular second hand clothing store online. Come, take a peek at our fabulous black tie bargains!

Rock Your Own Style

Aside from her tireless wit and impeccable scheming skills, Blair Waldorf was the undisputed queen of headbands, loud colors, and her gorgeously tailored plaid outfits. She sashayed through the streets of New York in her sharply structured designer coats and trenches, beautifully accessorized with well-placed jewelry and appealing accessories. Rather than imitating trends and glossy super models, Queen B teaches us to cultivate our own sense of style and flaunt it proudly.