Give Your Kids A Celebrity Makeover

We all love dressing up our kids to the nines. Admit it, as soon as they hit their teens; there will be no more makeovers from mummy and daddy. Which is why we have only a decade to dress them up the way we like, which means giving them unique makeovers, making them wear hand me downs as well as Buy Gently Used Branded Clothes for them.
Dressing your kids is a big fiat when you have a party or an event to attend, you want all the eye on your baby. You want to appear the best and more organized mommy among your peers in the family function. This includes your kid’s clothes as well. If you want to get the most inexpensive clothing, there is no shame in buying affordable used clothes for kids. You can buy Gently Used Branded Clothes online, save your face and no one would be any wiser. Here are some great tips for dressing up your kids to give the celebrity look.

Know the Fashion

Subscribe to as many fashion magazines as you can to know what’s in and what’s not. This will give you an elaborate idea about what should you buy and what you should avoid. Dressing up your kid in lace when leather is in, can be a huge mishap. People notice and they talk, you don't want to be the center of that kind of attention.

Little is More

Do not copy the whole outfit that will not sit well. Rather take one accent piece and do your own thing with it. Build the whole outfit around that one accent piece. Be it a cap or a shrug. One piece is enough to get the desired attention without being too obvious.


No kid is too young to wear accessories. This is the key to celebrity styling. A pair of sunglasses or a trendy Bennie can totally transform your kid’s whole outfit. Cap and hats, watches and wrist bands, charms necklace and fun hairbands, are all you need to style your kid’s boring outfit. If your kid is too stubborn to wear one, then style it in a way that it can’t be removed, like a waistband or mini purse or even a backpack.
Kids are kids, whether they are non-celebrity or celebrity kids. They have a right to look great, and not be embarrassed when they see their old pictures.