Gentleman’s Guide to Building a Dashing Workwear Wardrobe

As you step into your professional life, the greatest change that you must make is doing away all those casual tees and sneakers you’ve worn throughout your college life. Transitioning towards a formal wardrobe can be daunting, but instead of focus on the costs of luxury suits and shoes, focus on scooping up key pieces that will provide undeniable versatility.
At Fashion Rerun, we allow you buy gently used branded clothes and our collection will help you build a stellar workwear wardrobe without breaking the bank.
Let’s take a look at the key pieces that define a dashing workwear wardrobe:

Sharply Structured Blazers

The perfect outwear staple to mark smooth style transitions from board meetings to business luncheons and drinks with friends at the end of the day. Be it a fancy dinner party or a career-making presentation, sharply structured blazers allow you to channel a sharp and boldly put-together statement. We strongly urge you to invest in at least three neutral colors, and given the affordable price tags of our Ukay Ukay clothing for men, you can splurge without a care in the world!

Button-down Shirts

Another highly versatile investment, we strongly suggest you to invest in at least 3-4 button-down shirts in a variety of prints, checks, and of course, the plain grey and blacks. These will help you put together at least 50 different outfits so you can head out to work without repeating an outfit throughout the week. Our high-end collection of button-downs allows you to buy gently used branded clothes that will elevate your style at work.

Versatile Sweaters

Men who do not like to wear rigid blazers and suits can still put on a charming and formal workwear statement, as long as they have a variety of versatile sweaters. Crew-neck and V-neck sweaters are the most important workwear staples as they allow both, comfort and charm, and you can pair them up with anything and everything. We’ve picked out a striking variety of V-neck and crew neck sweaters that will give you snugly warmth and a contemporary, fashion-forward charisma.

Formal Shoes

A versatile pair is all it takes to make sure your workwear ensemble is sealed with a bold touch of charisma, and we present a charming variety of formal shoes to elevate your statements. Come, take a look!