7 Genius Hacks to Prolong the Life of Your Clothes

A person is judged by his appearance constantly. Your clothes are one of the biggest contributing factor in determining the overall charm of your personality. If you want people to actually take you seriously, it would be a nice idea to make sure your clothes are in top condition.
Here are a few ways through which you can extend the life of your clothes without having to repurchase them continually.

#1 Follow the Washing Directions on the Labels

Most designer wear or luxury brands require hand washing and tossing them into machine would ruin their delicate fabrics. Usually, clothes come with their washing instructions so it’s just easier to follow the labels. Also, it is a good idea to use mild laundry detergent and a fabric conditioner to ensure your clothes smell nice and fresh. Avoid using bleach directly on clothes or use sparingly if the need be.

#2 Line Dry Your Clothes

Never use a machine to dry your delicates or knitwear because that would shrink them. Always line dry your expensive clothing. Invest in proper hangers that are made to be used for cloth drying. Might save your clothes from getting extra wrinkled during the process as well.

#3 House Your Clothes Carefully

An expert recommends storing your clothes in an environment that is comfortable enough for you to sleep in. Meaning avoid storing your clothes in moldy damp closets. Use plastic bags to protect the fancy party wear and keep small lavender sachets in your closet to keep your clothes fresh and nice.

#4 Avoid Hairsprays and Perfumes

Perfumes should be applied directly to your skin anyways, if you want it to last longer. Aerosol sprays and alcohol in perfume can damage the fabric and colors of your clothing so make sure to use these products before you put on your clothes.

#5 Fold Your Clothes Properly

Prefer folding your clothes rather than hanging them in your closet. Folding ensures your clothes don’t lose their shape whereas hanging can stretch them and that’s not a good look at all.

#6 Denim is meant to be repeated

Fabric such as denim is meant to be repeated a couple of times before you actually throw them into the washer. Repeatedly washing your clothes would ultimately make them appear worn out and old so unless you really need to do laundry, avoid over washing.

#7 Invest in Quality

Buying sustainable good quality clothes is the basic way of ensuring your clothes last a longer period. You can get good quality secondhand branded clothes if you are on a budget.