Five Ways to ‘Casually’ Style a Men’s Suit

If there was a nickel for every time a fashion blog or magazine suggested to ditch your dress pants for a cool pair of jeans for times when you want to dress casually smart – you and us, we both be millionaires by now. Isn’t that a fact? We know, one of the coolest fashion hack is to style a casual jeans and t-shirt outfit with a power suit jacket but what if you want to keep both the pants and suit jacket and still look like casually dressed? Yes, it’s totally achievable and possible. After all, men’s suits can be quite expensive and once you have invested your money on it, it only makes sense to wear them outside your business meetings as well.
Here are five fresh ways to ‘casually’ style men’s suits:

#1 The Bright Colored T-shirt

Keep the pants and jacket but ditch the crisp boring button-down and add a bright colored t-shirt instead. You can find excellent quality used men’s t-shirt online in UAE at Take your pick from bright orange or teal or even plum. Your suit would balance it.

#2 Wear it with a High Neck Wool Jersey Sweater

If you thought you had seen the last of men’s high neck wool jersey sweaters, you were wrong! We are happy to report they are back in trend. A black high neck wool jersey would complement any suit pretty well.

#3 A Knit Polo Shirt

Gentlemen wear polo when the sun is bright and shiny! Got an outdoorsy setting to go and greet some business fellows or have a relaxed casual brunch in rustic settings? A knitted polo would make a great button-down alternative with a men’s suit.

#4 The Athleisure Vibe

The Athleisure fashion is still quite a thing out in the streets. One of the coolest way to flaunt your love for sports could be wearing a sports jersey under your suit’s jacket. You can find gently used vintage jerseys in mint condition at at an affordable price tag.

#5 The Basic Crew Neck

The basic cotton crew neck shirt makes one heck of an alternative that goes well with a men’s suit. You can even add a touch of flamboyance to it with the addition of a men’s scarf and some edgy sunglasses.
Styling a men’s suit without having to look too formal or too suited-up is totally achievable. Follow our suggestions and add more life to your business suits.