Five Tips to Buy the Perfect Travel Clothing for the Holidays

Jetting off for a vacation is one of the most exciting things ever. The thrill of packing away to discover new and exotic destinations, catching a break from your monotonous routine and most importantly – making some of the finest memories of your life are some of the perks of going on a vacation. Planning a vacation, however, involves a lot more than just buying air tickets and hopping on to a plan. Arranging accommodation, scheduling the entire trip and shopping for clothes to wear during your vacations are some of the significant factors to consider.
If you are about to shop for travel clothing, here are FIVE tips that you must keep in mind:

#1 Make a List

Okay – this may come off as an oddly simple and almost-implied thing to say but make a list for all the travel clothes you intend to pack for your vacation. Draft the list in the order you put on clothes: undergarments, shirts, bottoms, top coats, rain coats, wind breakers, hats, socks, gloves, shoes, scarves – all in order, just you don’t miss an item while packing.

#2 Buy Versatile Clothes

Invest in travel clothing that could be styled in more than one way. A bodysuit for instance could be worn with a leather jacket and skirt for clubbing at night and with a jeans for the day. That way, you’d pack light and would be able to capture photos in a variety of looks.

#3 Shop According to the Weather

Acquaint yourself with the climate of your holiday destination. See if you need to pack heavy jackets or long coats. If you decide to buy new winter outerwear, shop for articles that could later be reused in your everyday wardrobe.

#4 Set a Budget

Nobody wants to spend a mini fortune on a red mink coat they would only wear for three days in the freezing London streets for a holiday and later see it go out of trend in the back of their closet. Therefore, make a rational budget before you step out to shop for travel clothing and follow it strictly.

#5 Visit Second Hand Clothing Stores

It would be wiser to buy affordable branded used clothes for travelling rather than spending money on new ones. Specially, if you live somewhere as hot and humid as Dubai and want an extra warm leather jacket for your vacations in Europe.
Traveling is fun but make sure you pack wisely to avoid any unpleasant encounters during your vacations. Take your time visiting second hand clothing stores for travel clothing – you’d be amazed with the quality of the stuff you find there.