FIVE Timeless Winter Staples that Would Always be in Style

Winter fashion is a tricky business to handle especially if you live in a place like Dubai where winters are short-lived but price tags for winter clothing are so darn higher. A great way to tackle the trend and beat the chilly weather is to shop for slightly used branded vintage clothing so you have pieces in your closet that could be re-styled every year when the winters come.

Here are FIVE timeless classic winter staples that would always be in fashion regardless of your age and geographical location:

#1 Trench Coat

Dated back to the classic Hollywood flick Casablanca for men and The Breakfast at the Tiffany’s for women – a classic long trench coat has been in style for both genders ever since. You can never go wrong with a trench coat: with business wear, casual shirt and chinos or on top of outdoorsy sportswear – a trench coat would always look classy and stylish.

#2 A Black Leather Jacket

Whether you’re inspired by the vintage Hollywood fearless macho man image or you’re a woman whose fashion inspirations come from the badass Brooklyn Nine-nine’s detective Rosa Diaz, a vintage black leather jacket for winters is a cult classic.

#3 A Fabulous Black Zipper

Simple and sleek, casual and fabulous – everyone needs a good quality black zipper in their wardrobe to effortlessly style their daytime looks. Wear it on top of a button-up with jeans or style it with a skirt and crop top. A plain black zipper is versatile and effortless to style.

#4 Men’s Military Jacket

If you already don’t own a military jacket, it’s time you finally invest on one. Military jackets for men keep making their way back to men’s fashion scene and at this point, they can easily be classified as a vintage fashion item. You can easily buy one from a good secondhand clothing store online.

#5 A Light Plaid Winter Coat

A light winter coat is what you need if you live in a city with moderate climate such as Dubai. Winters aren’t very harsh so you can get away with only light layering. Plaids in oxen red, denim blue and army green pretty much always stay in fashion. If you decide to pick only one fashion clothing for winters, make sure to pick this one.
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