Five Autumnal Wardrobe Essentials for Your Little Princess

Are you looking for ideas and inspirations for cutesy adorable outfits for your little girl? The fall/winter season in Dubai is a little tricky. The cold never gets closer to reaching an actual freezing point but it gets pretty chilly in December and January. If you have kids at home, you can probably get away with using autumnal clothing for most of December and January too and if it gets chillier, you can always add more layering.
Finding affordable kids clothing in Dubai is kind of a tedious task, which is why Fashion Rerun has become the top choice for parents to buy affordable used clothes for kids. We have an excellent spread of gorgeous seasonal clothing for girls. From which we highly recommend you add these five autumnal essentials to your little one’s wardrobe:

#1 A Corduroy Crop Jacket

Corduroy is one of the leading trends for fall/winter 2018-19 even for adults. A crop jacket is the perfect winter gear for your princess when she’s donning a beautiful pleated skirt or a tutu and wants to show off her flare. It will shield her against the cold while accentuating the flare of her skirt or dress.

#2 A Washed Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are just vintage. You have to have one for your little girl. It pairs beautifully with a simple top and striped leggings or a skirt and blouse outfit with ballet shoes. Add a pair of cute sunnies and you have your rock star all dolled up.

#3 A Plaid Button Down

Plaids have very warm fuzzy autumnal winter feels. Get at least one plaid button down shirt for your girl that could be worn over a tank top with a vintage pleated skirt or with a simple tee and jeans. You would have your own retro glam diva at home.

#4 A Padded Vest

A sleeveless padded vest is a must-have for places with moderate weather such as Middle East. They literally work well with every outfit combo and looks very sleek and modem.

#5 Floral Kimonos

Next time you hit the stores to buy secondhand kids clothing, make sure to pick a preppy, cute little floral kimono for your princess to be worn over basic blended cotton or cambric rompers or dresses. Kimonos add a bit of oomph to any simple attire.
Don’t forget to browse through our kids’ category to find more trendy and fashionable options.