Fashion Radar’19: Hottest Trends to Flaunt this Summer

The fashion radar has chosen its trending favorites for the season, and we’ve scooped out the hottest trends that you absolutely need to shop from second hand clothes online UAE.

Here, take a look:

Pastel Hues

Summer is all about celebrating the serenity and ladylike charm of subtle pastel hues that don’t absorb much sunlight, allow you to stay cool and look chic. Pastel color palettes are a definite must-have season, not only because they are trending hot on the fashion radar, but also because they will give your summertime wardrobe a dose of versatile elegance.

Animal Magnetism

Ladies, animal prints are all the rage this summer, and we strongly urge you to check out our second hand clothing store online for high-end designer offerings to shop this raging trend. Leopard prints, snakeskin prints and zebra prints are everywhere this season, from the streets to the runways and red carpets, designers are obsessed with animal print dresses, t-shirts, handbags and other accessories.

Sunny Yellow

A summertime wardrobe simply cannot be complete without an abundance of yellow for this is truly the ultimate summer hue to flaunt for an infectious dose of energy. Yellow outfits, t-shirts, handbags, shoes, accessories and dresses are perfect to give your everyday looks an exciting pop of color and endless energy to make sure you look effortlessly chic from morning to sundown, despite the awfully tiring hours of work!

Tartan & Plaid

The traditional glamour of tartan and plaid has undergone an exciting transformation this summer, and we adore the glamorous color infusions that have given these timeless fabrics a contemporary edginess. If you want to shop modern plaid and tartan prints, we invite you to skim through our pre loved clothing for women’s capsule for some timeless treasures to add to your wardrobe. This trend has gained new traction this season, and you can never really shop it enough.

Artful Ruffles

Ruffles have undergone a dramatic revamping and designers have flooded the runways with an artfully delicate variety of cascading ruffles. These delightful ruffles exude a ladylike elegance and classic glamour that is insanely romantic. We strongly advise you to add some ruffled shoulder tops, and beautifully ruffled mini dresses to your summertime wardrobe.

Less Baggage

Small shoulder bags and sleek mini sling bags are trending super-hot as designers are actively endorsing the trend of minimum baggage. Hands-free statements are the new black, and our second hand clothing store online is brimming with a variety of small and mini handbags that you can scoop up to shop this trend.