Fall/Winter 2018-19 Fashion Trends for Men in Dubai

When it comes to global fashion trends, Dubai stays at the forefront. Owing to its mega metropolitan status, Dubai has successfully attracted the much-deserved attention of luxury fashion houses, celebrities, media, super models and everyone connected to the fashion industry. It’s easier to predict that Dubai would be the new fashion capital in a few years right next to London, Paris, New York and Milan. The thing that distinguishes Dubai’s street style fashion from the rest of the world is the beauty of fusion. Dubai has global citizens more than its original population. This is why along with the popular global fashion trends, you’d spot a tinge of Middle Eastern culture on the streets of Dubai.
If you’re travelling to Dubai for a vacation or you live here and looking to update your wardrobe with the latest Fall/Winter 2018-19 fashion trends for men, here’s what is trending on the streets of Dubai.

#1 Turned up Chinos & Sneakers

One of the biggest street style fashion trends for men this year is turned up chinos, paired with plain t-shirts and white sneakers. It’s classic, comfy yet manages to look perfectly groomed. You can accessorize with a pair of Clubmaster sunglasses to give off a refined look.

#2 Silk Scarf with Business Suit

The weather in Dubai is never too cold – even during the winter season, unless you have camped in the desert Safari for the night. Thus, business suits in pastel colors are predicted to trend for the season. Spruce up the strict business formal look with a printed silk scarf.

#3 Neutral Light Cardigan

For fall season in Dubai, you’d hardly need a long coat for the day. A plain neutral colored cardigan is all you need to layer on top of your shirts. Camel, beige, grey, olive and navy would make a good choice.

#4 Colored Leather Jackets

Colored leather jackets for men is one of the biggest fashion trends for winter this year. Worn over a suit or even a sportswear, this is a trend that’s going to stick around.
Affordable Secondhand Winter Clothing for Men in Dubai
Since winters in Dubai stay for a very brief time span, we suggest you visit secondhand clothing stores such as fashionrerun.com to shop for the trend. These are fashion apparel you’re only going to use for two months maximum, so invest wisely on them.