FIVE Factors to Keep in My Mind before You Shop for Travel Clothing

Are you one of those people who pack six pairs of jeans, ten pairs of shirts and almost twenty-six underwears – in case they decide to change almost every six hours? Well – you aren’t alone. Packing for a long-term trip or a family vacation is actually an art. You can’t just pick a suitcase and fill it to the brim with your favorite fashion apparel, accessories and shoes. You have to be mindful of what you take with you and how is it going to come handy.
Here are FIVE factors you MUST consider before shopping for travel clothing:

#1 Comfort

Comfort is the key. Do NOT pack that fashionable pair of skinny jeans that make your legs look long and sexy but pretty much leave you nonfunctional for the day. When on vacations, you would be doing a lot of sightseeing, exploring and excursions. It’s absolutely essential to pack clothing and shoes you feel comfortable in.

#2 Versatility

When packing for vacations, the goal is to pack light so you have no problem moving your luggage with you. Invest in multi-purpose layers. Ditch bulky woolen sweaters or long heavy top coats. Go for jackets that are made with thin, durable and waterproof material instead. This would act as your windbreaker, jacket and raincoat when the need be. See if you can find top layers with ample pocket space, would come handy to store your wallet, passport and other important stuff.

#3 Price Tag

It’s better to save your money to spend during your vacations than spending it on travel clothing. Look for stores that sell gently used branded clothing. If you’re in Dubai, make sure to check Fashion Rerun for an extensive spread of affordable branded used clothes. You’d get excellent quality on a meagre price.

#4 Practicality

You cannot go hiking on a pair of six inches block heels; men can’t roam around Rome in a fancy dinner suit. Only pack stuff that’s practical and you know you’d be getting a lot of use out of. Pack at least one pair of durable, resilient shoes that can survive extensive walks.

#5 Weight

International flights usually have weight restrictions. And, if not that, you would still want to pack light anyways because handling and storing your luggage would be a lot easier then. If there’s a piece of clothing or pair of shoes you really want to take on vacations with you, it’s better you wear it on travel day rather than packing it with you.