Five Factors to Consider When Buying Second Hand or Used Vintage Men’s Clothing

There are far too many reasons for you to prefer buying second hand men’s clothing over new tagged apparel. Ethical shopping, responsible fashion, being budget savvy and an attempt to reduce environmental waste – are just a few of them to name. The biggest reason, however, for you to buy second hand men’s vintage clothing is so that you could be able to recreate the iconic, classic vintage looks of Steve McQueen or James Dean.

Vintage clothing is always in style. It’s an effortless way to add more substance and class to your personality. But – buying vintage clothing for men isn’t an easy task. Therefore, here are FIVE factors you should consider before making a purchase:

#1 Size Matters

Anything pre 90s era would be considered ‘vintage’ – and this includes 80s, 70s and 60s. The measurements of standard M, L and S sizes have been different throughout the decades. So, when you buy a vintage suit, make sure to get its measurements rather than just the size tag.

#2 Be Wary of Counterfeits

Because vintage fashion is a gold mine, there’s no shortage of online scams. Be sure to buy your vintage second hand clothing through authentic retailers. In Dubai, Fashion Rerun is one of the most reliable platform to buy men’s second hand vintage clothing online.

#3 Wear and Tear

It’s usual for second hand clothing to have minor rips or stains, nothing a good tailor won’t be able to fix. But look for major holes, slits or gushes. You don’t want to end up spending more on the repairing than you paid for a second hand shirt or coat. Pay special attention to the buttons. Vintage buttons are pretty expensive, and if there is one missing on your suit, it may cost you a lot to replace.

#4 Look for Deteriorated Fabric

Used fabric, if not preserved, handled, stored and kept carefully can deteriorate with time. The color of the fabric can fade at odd places, the armpits can turn yellow and the seams may appear distressed. It’s not worth spending on a vintage men’s suit that is not in mint condition.

#5 Keep an Eye on the Trend

Though vintage is always fashionable, trends change with the seasons. Last year, plaid suits were in vogue. This year, checkered prints and corduroy jackets are trending for men. Have a glance at fashion magazines before stepping into a second-hand clothing shop.