Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a T-shirt

Men’s t-shirts are one of those clothing items that everybody acknowledges as wardrobe staples yet nobody gives them their due attention. Amid the frenzy of buying designer suits, jackets and other fancy stuff, most men tend to overlook their basics such as t-shirts. One would think that buying a t-shirt is no rocket science. You could just walk into a store and throw the first thing you like in your cart. Let us break this to you: it doesn’t work this way. Because t-shirts are considered the ‘basics’ they have the ability to ruin your entire look.
Therefore, we highly recommend that you spend enough time and effort to figure out which t-shirts would actually work for you. And here’s a checklist of five things that might come handy to you during your t-shirt shopping spree.

#1 Designer vs. No-name t-shirts

Now, t-shirts could pretty much be bought from everywhere. From luxury designer brands that manufacture premium quality t-shirts to those no-name ones your local shop at the corner stores, t-shirts could be found in any budget. We recommend you invest on designer brands since your basics need to be great. If you want to save some money, look for secondhand men’s t-shirts online but it’s always wise to invest in premium quality.

#2 Fabric

Most men tend to think that the thicker the fabric of your t-shirt would feel, the longer it will last you. This, by the way, is a total myth. Your t-shirt should feel light and breezy to you and if the manufacturer have used good quality cotton blend, the lightness of the fabric would not hinder its sustainability.

#3 Necklines

V-neck, boat necks, crew necks, scooped and raw hems are some of the classic t-shirt necklines for men. Each one directly influence the way your shoulders would look in a t-shirt. Larger men should go for V-necks to create a sliming effect. Crew necks go absolutely perfect with blazers and jackets. Pick a style to suit your needs.

#4 Color

Dark bold colors create an optical illusion of a sliming look and light hues appear cooler and calmer to the eyes. We recommend getting a mix of both subtle and loud colors for your closet and then mixing and matching them depending on your day’s tone.
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